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About Aerojobs

What do we do?

We are specialists in sourcing licensed engineers and mechanics. For over 30 years, Aerojobs have been supplying manpower to some of the biggest commercial airlines in the world and we currently have active agreements to supply in London Heathrow. 

Our success is built on three simple practices:

  • Providing the highest quality professionals over quantity

  • Perfect reliability

  • Communication between all parties


Our suite of services has evolved to satisfy any recruitment challenges our clients may face. We meet with the airline to establish a clear understanding of their manning requirements. After performing an in-house search of our database, we provide information on suitable engineers and make contact as required. An accurate advertising campaign can be created with a view to providing exacting personnel within the appropriate time frame. Feedback and open lines of communication are established and maintained throughout the recruitment process. Interviews and validation of all engineers’ credentials will be performed by Aerojobs before onward presentation to clients.


All airline personnel are employed by us as subcontractors through their own limited companies. We provide our subcontractors with weekly timesheets so that we can send the workers’ remuneration. We then email our client a weekly invoice for all engineers’ wages.


Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging roles in the commercial travel industry. We know this because we have been there. When a turnaround takes place, millions of pounds are at risk if not carried out to the highest standard. By only focusing on hiring MRO personnel, ensures that we can deliver the high expectations that we promise to our clients.

A lot of organisations have the belief that external recruitment is costly and unproductive. In our eyes, this is not the case. Choosing us as an outside hirer comes with a lot of advantages.


With hundreds of aircraft types in operation, finding a candidate with combinations of aircraft on their license can be challenging. Aerojobs has extensive recruitment resources which can help you overcome this.


Every time we conduct a search, we ensure candidates have already obtained the relevant licenses. This is cost-effective as training new candidates will cost thousands.


Using Aerojobs brings a new perspective to your organisation. A new viewpoint can help identify areas of improvement and recommendations can be made.


In recent times, we have established an online presence. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is consistently evolving, alongside traffic from social media and email marketing which actively bring us new candidates. We are also in the process of writing blogs for users of our website.


We have run multiple ad tests on different sites to ensure that we receive the maximum applicant reach per pound spent. Cheaper ads for us mean a cheaper hire for you!

Why choose us?

What is our database of engineers?

We have an extensive database of highly qualified engineers and experienced mechanics. We only provide experienced personnel with a view to establishing long-term relationships with our airline partners.


Our database includes workers from all around the world so manpower can be provided wherever required. All candidates carry different work experience histories, working both base and line maintenance, on a multitude of different aircraft types. 

Our database can be filtered by:

  • Aviation license

  • Aircraft approvals

  • Keywords

  • Experience

  • Additional training

    • EWIS

    • Safety Management Systems

    • Human Factors

    • Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1 & 2

    • Other additional training

  • Available start date

  • Candidates’ distance from the airport

  • Driver’s license

  • Nightshift preference

  • Relocation preference

  • Languages spoken

More advanced searches may also be carried out upon request.

In addition to our database, we have online tools providing access to over 100,000 aircraft engineers/mechanics globally.

Our screening process ensures we identify candidates with an aptitude that mirrors the values of the company.


We use algorithms in our selection process as a supporting tool as it removes unconscious human biases which may have otherwise influenced us to hire someone who may not fit well in the team/company culture. Using computers avoids affinity bias. This is the tendency to possess a preference for people like ourselves. In hiring, affinity bias can mean leaning toward one candidate over another because they have a relatable background, belief, or appearance.


Background checks are performed on all candidates that pass the initial screening. This is followed by a phone/video call. After this, if both parties are still happy to continue, an in-person interview will be carried out by our director, Michael.

What is our screening & interview process?

Want to know more about how we can best support you?

Part 145 Licence Holders

Engineers & Mechanics

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